Slim Evolution is the CO2 surgical laser that combines advanced technology with ease of use allowing the surgeon to always get the best effect of vaporization or coagulation on tissue in every application.


Slim Evolution uses three types of technologies which make possible the optimal regulation of thermal tissue damage.

SuperPulse provides high peak power with a short pulse duration for deep penetration with an ideal vaporization and coagulation ratio.

Continuous (CW) provides low peak power in surface impact and a larger coagulation zone used for complete ablation.

Pulser provides a mix of ablation and coagulation in different percentages to satisfy every operational need.

Safe and powerful

The cutting-edge technology used by Slim Evolution is able to provide high laser power to the tissue always in a safe and controlled way capable of guaranteeing performance at the highest levels. Slim Evolution is equipped with a sophisticated control system that guarantees high precision of the energy value delivered to the patient.

Versatile and intuitive

Compact and ergonomic design.

Ultimate ease of use with an intuitive graphic interface and the main parameters always visible.

Complete line of accessories for every operational need which includes the MiXto SX Scanner with patented “CW CHOPPED” technology and “Z” algorithm for fractional treatments

Reliability and comfort

The lightweight 7-mirror articulated arm in aluminum fiber allows you to easily reach all parts of the patient’s body.

The sophisticated technological system of Slim Evolution allows repeatable performances, making the surgical procedure simple with complete control of the vaporization depth.





Photos courtesy of Gregory Laurence, MD

Photos courtesy of Mark Kofford, MD

Photos courtesy of Chris Dannaker, MD


  • MiXto SX® Laser Versatility

    I do not think any fractional CO2 Laser can do more than the MiXto SX. The MiXto SX gives consistent results on brown age spots and is versatile enough to be used on the face, neck, hands, and arms.

    Dr. Michael G. Cedars
  • The MiXto for Skin Rejuvenation

    I love my MiXto sx. It’s easy to use, reliable and gives fantastic results that make my patients happy. I use it primarily in the fractionated mode for skin rejuvenation.

    Dr. Laura Ellis