The versatile laser for Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine

The innovative technology integrated into Velure S8 optimize the performance and give to the operator the certainty of always having available the right laser for each patient.

Cutting edge for Vascular Lesions

Velure S8 is optimal for the non-invasive treatment with minimal thermal tissue damage of lesions to vascular structures such as Telangiectasis of the face and lower limbs, small Ruby Angiomas, Couperose, Spider Naevus, and deep Nevi Flammeus. All these types of lesions can be treated transcutaneously quickly and safely with the series of focused handpieces available.

The flexibility of Velure S8 allows the operator to set all the parameters necessary to configure the ideal therapy for the type of treatment you wish to carry out.

Endovenous Treatments

With Velure S8, treatments for venous incontinence of the lower limbs are simple to perform and can also be carried out on an outpatient basis with the aid of an ultrasound control system. The endovascular procedure performed with Velure S8 leaves no scars, minimizing post-operative pain and the risk of infection.

The Laser suited to your needs

Velure S8 combines its technological features with a compact and ergonomic design with a low weight which makes it a truly transportable system suitable for any operating environment.