Total body vascular effect

Velure S9 (940nm) is the high power laser system with a compact and ergonomic design with a wavelength of 940nm whose characteristics determine an optimal absorption coefficient for hemoglobin and water, making it perfect for the closure of blood vessels, be they superficial red in color or deeper blue-purple in color maintaining the integrity of the epidermal layer and a consequent better compliance for the patient  in the treatments on the lower limbs and on the face.

The low absorption coefficient of the 940nm laser radiation by melanin makes it possible to carry out transdermal treatments on a wide spectrum of phototypes.

Velure S9 (940nm) is therefore the ideal tool for the treatment of capillaries in the legs and face, but also for endovenous laser treatment against saphenous insufficiency.

New Gold Standard

Velure S9 (940nm) represents a step forward in laser technology in the treatment of vascular lesions of the lower limbs, providing the physician with an effective and safe tool. The versatility of Velure S9 (940nm) combined with the wide range of fiber optic handpieces and various types of fibers available, make the laser system suitable for numerous surgical applications including cutting, coagulation, resection and hemostasis.


  • High power with short pulses for maximum efficiency with minimal side effects
  • Fast and safe procedures with excellent clinical results
  • Perfect hemostasis, fast cutting
  • Simple and intuitive user interface with operating parameters always visible
  • Small size, compact and lightweight, perfectly portable and suitable for any operating environment.
  • NO consumables
  • Personalized suitcase for transport