With the passing years and the progressive reduction of female hormones, the structure of vaginal tissue changes and starts to atrophy becoming dry (with loss of pH balance), becoming ever increasingly more fragile as the mucosal layer thins, which increases pain during intercourse, reducing nerve sensitivity causing loss of sexual gratification, increasing risk of infections, and resulting in loss of urinary control. All of which negatively affect the quality of women’s intimate social life. The vaginal cavity has no stratum corneum and in a state of atrophy has a thinned and very often inflamed wall. Consequently, from an application point of view, intervening in ablative mode is not correct, because it is risky and painful.

The non-ablative CO2 laser solution

V-Lase is the NON-ABLATIVE system with collimated spot of Slim Evolution II for vaginal photorestructuring.


The V-Lase treatment uses the patented “CW CHOPPED” technology in a NON-ABLATIVE way, taking advantage of the beneficial effects of the CO2 laser to induce a controlled heating of the vaginal mucosa with a therapeutic effect in order to stimulate angiogenesis, fibroblastic activity and formation of new collagen, without causing thermal damage.

The benefits of V-Lase

  • NON-ABLATIVE collimated spot
  • Sterilizable and reusable handpiece
  • Pain free outpatient treatment
  • No downtime with immediate return to normal activities
  • No anesthesia or supportive therapy is required
  • No consumables




What is V-Lase?