Velure S9 (1064nm) is the laser system with a compact and ergonomic design with a wavelength of 1064nm. The laser radiation at 1064nm penetrates tissues at a depth of 2 to 6 mm and provides good homeostasis for blood vessels with the best ratio between adequate heating of hemoglobin in vascular lesions and weak absorption of the skin pigment melanin.

The 1064nm wavelength is therefore indicated for the treatment of deeper blue-purple blood vessels while maintaining the integrity of the epidermal layer and consequent better compliance for the patient.

Multipurpose system

The use of Fiber optic Handpieces as the laser radiation transmission system of Velure S9 (1064nm) allows a wide range of different tissue effects, such as a narrow coagulation zone for microsurgical preparations or a wide coagulation zone for effective hemostasis.

The technological characteristics of Velure S9 (1064nm), combined with a compact and ergonomic design and reduced weight, make the equipment perfectly portable and suitable for any operating environment.

Treatment for Onychomycosis

The laser energy at a wavelength of 1064nm emitted by Velure S9 (1064nm) penetrates inside the nail up to the nail bed, deeply transmitting the heat necessary to eliminate existing fungi. In most cases where it is proven that dermatophytes are the cause of the infection, there is an improvement in the discoloration of the nail plate with the consequent growth of a healthy nail. The procedure is outpatient, rapid and free of side effects.