Venezia Lift is the NON-ABLATIVE system of Slim Evolution II for skin rejuvenation taking advantage the peculiar characteristic of the CO2 laser in depositing heat in the deep dermis and in the immediate contraction of the collagen fibres. Venezia Lift guarantees the right balance between clinical result, absence of pain during treatment and rapid post-operative, with an immediate return to normal activity of the patient.


Venezia Lift uses the patented “CW CHOPPED” technology with “Z” algorithm whose management of the matrix allows the achievement of high temperatures (58-65°C) inside the dermis, without creating thermal damage, pain or ablation.

This happens thanks to the train of pulses in CW mode (continuous wave) which raises the temperature of the dermis in a gradual and controlled way without being ablative or harmful to the surrounding tissues.

Furthermore, the increase in tissue temperature contributes to the stimulation of new collagen fibers and the release of some proteins (HSP – Heat Shock Protein) necessary for tissue remodeling and creation of new collagen.

Invisible treatment for visible results

The Venezia Lift treatment keeps the skin intact, stimulates collagen production and regenerates the underlying skin, ideal for patients who want a more gentle treatment with minimal downtime and no risk of skin infection.

  • Pain free outpatient treatment
  • No downtime with immediate return to normal activities
  • No anesthesia or supportive therapy is required
  • No consumables


Venezia liftVenezia lift