The Q-Switched Laser tailored to your needs

KJU is the Lasering Q-Switched proposal for the treatment of tattoos, benign dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions through extremely short and powerful energy pulses, offering optimal results and maximum safety.  The Q-Switched laser pulse of KJU, following the principle of selective photothermolysis, hits the target pigment (exogenous or endogenous) preserving the surrounding tissues and allowing a repeatable procedure with minimum risks. Pigmented lesions and tattoos can be of various types; therefore, to achieve good results, it is important to use specific wavelengths and optimized fluences for each type of pigment. KJU is a dual wavelength, 1064 and 532nm, Nd:YAG laser system featuring a highly homogeneous output beam characterized by the same amount of energy throughout the contact area thus allowing maximum control by the operator and consequent utmost reduction of possible unwanted effects. KJU, a compact and portable Plug & Play system, currently represents the best technologically advanced solution to effectively meet the needs of the doctor and the growing number of requests from patients.


The dual wavelength of KJU allows removing multiple colours with a single system. The black or blue coloured pigments are best treated with the 1064nm wavelength, also in case of dark phototype patients due to low interaction with melanin. Red or pinkish tattoos are treated with a green laser beam (532nm).

Benign pigmented lesions

Epidermal lesions can be treated using the 532nm wavelength, strongly absorbed by the melanin, and therefore acting mainly on the surface layers of the skin. Dermal lesions are deeper and must therefore be treated using the 1064nm wavelength.